Godwin Katako
President/Chief Executive Officer
Godwin holds a Mining Engineering degree from UST School of Mines, Tarkwa Western Ghana (now University of Mines & Technology, UMaT), a Postgraduate diploma in Mining and Mineral Engineering from Graz University in Austria, and a MSc. degree in Mining Engineering from Graz University in Austria.

Godwin also has a wide range of executive level experience and is the ideal person to lead this company. His twenty plus years in the mining industry is an invaluable asset to our company. Some of his experience includes: CEO of Genesis 2000 Ltd., a company that specializes in natural resources development, investment and consultancy, mineral prospecting & services and mining & quarrying evaluation; VP of the Ghanaian Geological Resources Exploration Company; Principal Consultant for Nyamekye Resources International Ltd; Technical Advisor for GOC Mining Limited (German Mining Company); Country Manager for Aims Resources Limited (Australian Management and Exploration Company); and Principal Policy Advisor & Liaison Officer for the Ghana Ministry of Mines & Energy. These are just a few key positions that Godwin has demonstrated leadership capability and mining expertise.

In addition to the executive level experience, Godwin also has a tremendous amount of operational experience which include performing technical audits (reserves and resources), due diligence assessments, ore reserve modeling, preliminary financial modeling of properties, acquiring & evaluating mineral properties, surface mine planning, negotiating property & joint venture agreements, & selection of alluvial gold plant & associated equipment.

Godwin also brings a tremendous amount of respect and influence to the company. By being one of the most sought after Geologist/Mining Engineers in Ghana he has established himself amongst government leaders, concession owners, environmental groups, business owners, mining companies and community leaders, as being a trusted and highly competent professional within the industry.

Not only does he bring years of expertise and experience, but he is also a genuinely great human being who has a strong passion for community and economic development for his people. Without Godwin and his far-reaching influence, this opportunity would not be within our grasp.

Anthony L. Green
Vice President/Chief Legal & Communications Officer
Anthony holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Southern University, a M.A. degree in Communications from Purdue University and a J.D. degree from Southern University Law Center.

Anthony is a highly accomplished Attorney and Intellectual Property Manager with a diverse educational background and 21 cumulative years of experience as a legal professional, intellectual property specialist, manager, communications specialist, engineer and business owner. Anthony is also co-founder and principal shareholder of this company.

Anthony’s primary role as Chief Legal Officer is to oversee the company’s legal department. In this role, he is responsible for the effective and efficient management of the legal department, provision of legal advisory services and ensuring effective management of legal and contractual risks. Specifically, Anthony manages the Company’s:

• Legal Risk
• Policy Development
• Litigation
• Regulatory Compliance
• Contract Negotiation

In addition to his role as Chief Legal Officer, Anthony also oversee communications temporarily for the company. In this role, Anthony is primarily responsible for managing the communication risks and opportunities of the business, both internally and externally. This involves developing & executing the company’s communications strategy for a wide range of stakeholders, including but not limited to employees, shareholders, media, bloggers, influential members of the business community, the press, the community and the public.

Yahya Q. Rasheed
Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
Yahya is an entrepreneur and founder of a number of successful business ventures in Indiana. Community and economic development has always been a passion for him. Rasheed has been doing business in Africa and particularly in Ghana since 1998 in the area of importing/exporting. Rasheed brings years of experience and business insight to the company as well as integrity. He has been from day one, the energy and motivational edge that have brought this company to its present position.

Rasheed plays a key role in developing and overseeing the mining infrastructure, negotiating with and galvanizing the right individuals vital to the company’s mining success and managing the day-to-day mining activities at the mine site.

As the COO, Rasheed's key priorities are to ensure a safe working environment, good stewardship over the land and successful extraction of in-ground assets.
Seth Dominic Abankwa Brantuo
Seth holds a MSc. degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Mines & Technology and has broad knowledge in mines management and the regulations of mines.

He has worked in the capacity of a Mines Manager, Production Manager and Superintendent for large scale mining companies like Owere Mines Limited, Ghana Bauxite Company Limited, Gold Fields Ghana Limited, Teberebe Goldfields Limited, and Ghana Consolidated Diamond Company Limited.

Francis Adarkwah-Yiadom
Francis holds a BSc. degree (Honours) in Chemistry from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and has broad knowledge in the areas of Environment and Safety Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Awareness Training, Waste Management Techniques, Elements of Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Communication Techniques (Internal & External), Developing Emergency Preparedness, Developing and Implementing Safety Programs.

With his strong knowledge and experience, Francis has worked in the capacity of a HSE Manager, Senior Environmental Monitoring Officer, Safety Officer, Environmental Inspector and as a Teacher.

Some of the companies that Francis has worked with include Owere Mines Limited, Golden Star Limited, Bonte Gold Mines Limited and Takoradi Mines Department.
Kingsley Osei-Bonsu
Kingsley holds a M.Phil degree in Environmental Science from the University of Ghana. One of his primary responsibilities is to monitor, investigate and advise LIKEMINES' management on issues that relate to the management of our mining sites in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

As a professional environmentalist, Kingsley has worked in the capacity of a Deputy Operations Manager with Jegiva 1076 Agencies Ltd, and as a Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Officer with Skarm Construction and Engineering Services Ltd, Argo Gold Ltd and Ayeh and Ayeh Environmental Consultants.
Edward Mawutor Adatsi
Edward holds a BSc. degree in Physics and Geology from the University of Ghana. One of his primary roles is to work as an exploratory geologist to locate materials and minerals, advise on the extraction of minerals, ensure environmental protection and land rehabilitation after mining.

Edward has held several positions which include a company geologist, assistant project manager, field geologist, and sampling and technician officer for companies such as Argo Gold Limited, Minxcom Consulting, Gold Fields Exploration Ghana and Geological Management Consultancy Limited.
Stephen Nyaleteh
Stephen holds BSc. degree in Geology & Physics from the University of Ghana. He has an extensive background working as a project manager, project geologist and field geologist for major large scale mining companies such as Gold Fields Exploration Limited, Resolute Mining Limited and Newmont Ghana Gold Limited.