LIKEMINES is strongly committed to making an impact in the communities where we mine. Our commitment, as a mining company is to ambitiously provide ongoing support to the communities through economic development, education and employment. The production and sale of gold from our mining operation will provide a continual growth bed for accomplishing our goals. Through our international trust fund, we will impact the communities where we mine in the following ways:

As a humanitarian commitment, we can greatly reduce the negative impact on the environment and local residents on the front side by investing in the latest technology for gold processing equipment. On the backside, we will use cleaner smelting technology, removing all stockpiles from nearby residential areas, and establish green belts between mining sites. We will invest in infrastructure improvement initiatives such as storm water waste disposal systems, enclosing open sewage drains, garbage disposal, landfill development and maintenance and a used tire recycling plant. Tourism is on the increase in Ghana. International tourist receipts increased from US$970 million in 2008 to US$1,068 in 2013. The number of annual international visitors to Ghana is now roughly 950,000 and is expected to grow to 1.5 million by 2024. This small country is postured to be the gateway to West Africa. Our objective is to develop an ambitious humanitarian program in the environmental area that will serve to enhance the land and its people. If cleanliness is indeed next to GODLINESS, our efforts can only make this a better place for those who live there and those who visit.
$7.5 Million USD
Ghana has 18,530 primary schools, 8,850 junior secondary schools, 900 senior secondary schools, 28 training colleges, 20 technical institutions, four diploma-awarding institutions, six public universities and over 15 private universities in addition to 12 polytechnics serving a population of 30 million Ghanaians. One would think that everyone had easy access to good education; not so, uncountable numbers of school aged children are on the streets vending goods and hustling every day. Young girls are farmed out by their parents to work as house girls, and for the most part education is a foreign word to them. EEP’ S five-year mission is to build three primary level schools for girls and three primary level schools for boys. EEP'S strategy is to build six secondary schools by the fourth year. Currently, the government supports public schools with school fees, uniforms and free school feeding programs. The building of these schools will help stimulate community economic development and employment. These schools will be based on a 21st century digital learning environment complete with everything needed to prepare and empower these children to compete in the global marketplace.
$3.5 Million USD
Health and Wellness is a five-year program aimed at building five holistic family nutrition centers in strategic locations in and around the mining communities. These centers will focus on building better health for families and communities through mineral supplementation, improved hygiene and health awareness education. Our goal is to assist in improving client health and wellness is a regimented and well documented program. Providing the ninety essential minerals necessary for healthy well-being is the first step. Many of Ghanaians health issues are directly related to impure water, unsanitary surroundings, improper nutrition and lack of regular health care. The centers will provide regular health fairs, seminars/workshops and ongoing community outreach with the latest and most advanced technology. Since traditional herbal practitioners are widely used in these communities, we believe this program will be widely accepted.

This program has to be monitored closely in order to achieve documented and positive outcomes. We will work with and give needed monetary and voluntary support to other NGO'S already working on projects that address AIDS/HIV, Malaria and Guinea worm disease.
$10-$15 Million USD
LIKEMINES Economic Development Initiative is a plan to develop and implement a very effective micro loan program to fund entrepreneurs and to assist in building the infrastructure for new business success. Two particular business sectors that we will concentrate on first are agri-business and new business start-ups with a special emphasis on digital startups (i.e. e-commerce, etc.). Our plan is to contribute seed money to fund land acquisition, business accelerator programs, equipment & technology purchases, entrepreneur development, business plan assistance, technology/innovation park construction, commercial property development, as well as provide assistance in production management and business marketing techniques. For this program to be successful we will provide on-going business, financial and digital literacy training as a pre-requisite for assistance. All recipients of funding must have completed the outlined training.
$3.5 Million USD
LIKEMINES understand that poverty, unemployment, drug addictions, alcoholism, and idle time can cripple a young person's development, self-esteem and confidence. This is why we strongly believe that funding sports developmental programs in and around the mining communities will impact in a positive way to help reduce or alleviate these negative conditions. Our target group will be adolescent males and females. The PLAYTIME objective is to fund and maintain proper facilities, coaching staff, team sponsorship, and support inner community competitions. Bringing family and communities together through sports is the mission of PLAYTIME.

As a result of this initiative, LIKMINES strongly believe that we can instill a sense of confidence and competitiveness in these young people to develop them into world class athletes, who perhaps in the near future, will compete in national/ international events to not only represent their country but also earn substantial income.

It is a fact that many African nations are producing great athletes in many sports such as track and field, basketball, boxing, soccer and possibly golf in the near future. It is quite rewarding to see these successful athletes carry on the traditions of charity and humanitarianism in their native countries around the world. Our PLAYTIME Initiative will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of these children now and well into the future.