• Turnkey Business and Mining Consultancy
• Business Incorporation Services
• Prepare Mining Lease & Joint Venture Agreements
• Prepare Gold Mining Business Plan, Business Proposals & Financial Analysis
• Acquire, Develop and/or Sell Highly Mineralized Gold Concessions


• Access network of concession owners to find available gold concessions
• Analysis of profit potential and initial due diligence of proposed gold concessions
• Prepare non-disclosure/non-compete agreement for execution
• Setup secure dedicated file storage/clean room to share documents with Investor
• Develop budget, itinerary and agenda for face to face meeting in Ghana between Investor and LIKEMINES
• Prepare visa invitation letters for Investor to travel to Ghana to meet with LIKEMINES and initial site visit
• Arrange for travel and security to and from concessions for initial site visit
• Arrange for hotel and food accommodations for meeting with LIKEMINES and initial site visit
• Investor and LIKEMINES sign LOI/MOU Agreement
• Negotiate with concession owners to acquire rights to the concession(s)
• Prepare mining lease agreement
• Ghana business incorporation
• Establish local bank account
• Acquire and/or renew prospecting licenses
• Commission the Work Program Study for each concession
• Prepare Joint Venture Agreement
• Establish Joint Venture Company with LIKEMINES (NEWCO)
• Facilitate the transfer of ownership of concession(s) into NEWCO
• Source equipment and material suppliers for two-stage exploration program and mine operation ramp-up
• Conduct two-stage exploration program at concession(s) in collaboration with Genesis 2000 Company Limited
• Commission desktop study to determine bankability
• Ensure compliance with minerals commission reporting requirements
• Acquire mining license
• Oversee and manage mine infrastructure development in collaboration with Genesis 2000
• Source local talent to work as laborers
• Secure environmental assessment report to satisfy EPA regulations in collaboration with Genesis 2000
• Establish Farmer Crop Compensation & Land Remediation Program
• Establish Economic and Social Development Program
• Facilitate the ramping-up of large scale mining operations in collaboration with Genesis 2000
• Arrange for mine site security
• At the end of Year 1, ensure NEWCO is compliant with tax, EPA, minerals commission, and gov't regulations

Note: Clients can choose to engage LIKEMINES for a full range of turnkey services or individual services as needed. Costs vary on a case by case basis depending on LIKEMINES' level of engagement.